Our team knows the local economy, which has been impacted by recent events, and has developed and rolled out a transactional web solution: BLUE COMMERCE. This platform allows businesses to boost their efficiency and better face the challenges of the coming years.

While our expertise rests first and foremost on technology and processes, our dedication lies in helping our customers solve their business challenges through digital means. This process, which consists of fully integrating digital technologies into all of a company’s activities, drives us to constantly innovate to offer leading-edge solutions.

The 5Xperts team comprises programmer analysts, project managers and supply chain experts. Here are a few of our members who can help you get your project off on the right foot.

Luc Séguin, President and CEO

Luc was already the manager of an SME specialized in application development when the internet first came along and has been following the evolution of business process web applications for the past 25 years. An entrepreneur himself, he’ll understand your challenges and be ready to help you meet them.

Alexandre Séguin, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

Alex started his career as a programmer analyst. He then pursued his career by listening to needs and implementing adapted solutions. Alex’s experience with retail companies allows him to optimize processes related to warehouse and transportation management. He and his sales team can help you make the right decisions early in the process.

Thierry Toupet, Senior Project Manager and Web Specialist

Thierry has international experience, having started his career in France before moving to Canada in 2012. With several years of experience in business process management in Canada and Europe, Thierry specializes in understanding needs, analyzing impacts on existing processes and managing projects. His team of seasoned developers will tackle your growth projects with enthusiasm.