Get real-time feedback on ALL your company's operations

This powerful MARKETING and OPERATIONAL tool will help you manage your operations

This platform can be connected to and interact with your EXISTING accounting and management SOFTWARE

Boost your sales: switch to e-commerce

Doing business online doesn't always mean selling online. A transactional site offers you much more than a means to an end (a purchase) and isn’t just for the retail trade.

More and more B2B companies are turning to e-commerce to become more efficient and profitable. Your customers can place their orders (with or without paying), follow the production process, check their purchase history and much more. A transactional site takes your business to the next level!

Improve order processing

Make your representatives' job easier

Gain new customers

Reduce management time

A CUSTOMIZED transactional web platform

BLUE COMMERCE isn’t a conventional website. It's a high-performance transactional platform that allows you to automate your processes and centralize your operations. BLUE COMMERCE is accessible on the web and developed to suit your corporate image. It sets itself apart from pre-packaged software that doesn't consider your specific functional needs and goals.

Developed by 5Xperts' seasoned team, BLUE COMMERCE offers advanced features to boost your profitability. BLUE COMMERCE is much more than a transactional website; it is your best ally to promote your business in your sector of activity. Stand out from the crowd!

Your business is unique: your website should be too

That's why we tailor the design of your site to ensure that your branding, company and products are optimally showcased and that your specific needs are fully met. Our team (yes, actual humans!) will take the time to talk to you and analyze your business and competitive position. Then, our experienced marketing experts will craft the optimal message to position you effectively and distinctively in your market. Our platform's flexibility means we can adapt BLUE COMMERCE’s features to your reality, no matter the industry in which you operate. Ready to generate sales?

Retail business



Beyond the technology, we'll guide you using a marketing approach geared to making you stand out from the crowd!


Optimize your existing tools

The BLUE COMMERCE platform connects to any existing financial and inventory system. Besides the distinctive strength that makes the platform so flexible and efficient, our team of seasoned IT experts will guide you through the implementation process.


We have customers all over the world. Obviously, we aren’t always in the same time zone. Thanks to COMMERCE BLEU, our customers can place and track their orders directly on the site any time of day. It also saves our administrative staff a lot of time since they no longer need to manage delivery tracking. Also, our entire team can stay up to date on everything at all times. From the sales department to the replenishment department, from invoicing to shipping management... all the information is available on our site."
Our business is staffing. COMMERCE BLEU makes everything so much easier and more efficient! Clients can submit their request directly on the website and check employee availability for the vacancies in real time. By the same token, employees receive a notification indicating that they have a new assignment. EVERYTHING is centralized on our platform, even employee time sheets and travel expenses. Our clients and our entire team are thrilled with this easy management system!"
AT LAST a web platform that can “talk” to our accounting software! COMMERCE BLEU’s exceptional sales platform saved us a lot of money since we were able to take advantage of it without having to redesign our existing software.
COMMERCE BLEU isn’t just a website for us. It's a tool that allows us to better manage our sales and be more productive. I’m amazed when I think back to the days when my salespeople used to go out and meet customers with paper forms in hand! Since we've been using this platform, our representatives can input orders directly on the site; everything is interfaced with our inventory systems. Gone are the days of manually entering orders into two or three software programs.

Imagine a future customer, currently in the middle of their project, finding you on the web to fill one of their needs immediately. That's the power behind a transactional site!

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